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The Wind Weavers Kite Club was formed in June of 1989. The club has always been a loosely structured club based on, teaching others to fly, kite safety, fun, camaraderie, sharing kite building and flying tips, sharing kite repair and building supplies, fixing kites on the field, flying our kites and laughing together.

We have No officers & no membership dues, other than if you're a snail mails person, we ask for one book of stamps per year to send your newsletter.

We get together usually a couple of times a month. Scheduled in each newsletter (or not - as sometimes by telephone or email tree). It's funny, we have about 15 members, but half of them are out of town or totally out of state.

We meet at Red Bud Park in Abilene, TX, in the south part of town. Reb Bud Park is located at South 32nd St. and Barrow St. It's right by Madison Middle School and the Red Bud YMCA. We meet at the north west end of the park. Sometimes Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. Depending on the weather and any of the members' inklings at any given time.

Judy Kingery is the club historian, news letter editor and publisher, and kite junkie. Judy Kingery and Bob Josjor also coordinator the Annual "Junction Kite Makers Gathering", which is a kite building and kite flying workshop and camp, that last for several days.

If you would like to find out more information about our Kite Club, or if you would like to join our kite club and receive copies of our Club newsletter, please refer to the contact information listed below.

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Wind Weavers

c/o: Judy Kingery

Phone: 325-692-5927

e-mail: Judyabilene@aol.com