Junction Kite Makers Retreat 2018

Dedicated to the memory of Junction kite retreat Organizer, Judy "Jude" Kingery, whom passed away January 25, 2018.

Also dedicated to the memory of Junction kite retreat Co-founder, "bill lockhart", whom passed away August 8, 2009.

When:June 1st thru June 4th, 2018

Where: Junction, Texas

Contact Info:
Michelle "Weber" Borland at:
972-467-7445 michelleweberborland

--Event directions and location--
Junction Kite Retreat (JKR) was originally founded and organised by bill lockhart and Betty Street. JKR is held at the Texas Tech Extention Campus in Junction, Texas (2 miles south of town), which is located at the intersection of Hwy 83 and I-10, just 2 miles south of the town of Junction.

This is approximately 150 miles south of Abilene, Texas on Hwy 83, and about 90 miles West of San Antonio, Texas on I-10.

If you're talking Texan, it's about 2 and a half hours south of Abilene and about a six pack of Lonestar west of San Antonio.

--Event Facts--
The campus features many comforts, including lots of mowed flying acreage, hot showers and meals, class-rooms, air-conditioned dorm style housing and meals! Enjoy, watching deer walk around the cabins, and onto the kite field, early am or late pm!

--Event programs--
The Junction Kite Makers' Retreat will include activities, such as: free-fly time, a huge grass kite field, and numerous class sessions about kite building and art related kite projects, as well subjects related to any thing that flys, such as boomerangs.

--Registration Information--
Registration cost is $235 per participant, which covers food, lodging, workshops, and insurance. Linens are about $10 extra.

Limited kite making materials available on-site, so bring sewing machines, and materials. Some instructors will provide kits for their classes which may run an additional $0 - $8.

It is important to notify the event coordinators in advance so that they can have an accurate head count, for food, expenses, linen service, and to guarantee your spot on the attendee list.

Please RSVP via Facebook by going to 'Junction Kite Retreat Facebook event page'. (If you aren't on facebook, just reply by e-mail, or telephone 972-467-7445) Registration starts after 'noon' Friday June 1 and the event ends Monday June 4th after lunchtime. (thanks).

The Junciton Kite Makers Retreat can accept up to 100 participants, so RSVP early to secure your spot! We welcome all inquiries.

--Instructors Needed!!!--
Potential instructors can submit an application to be considered for teaching with a written synopsis of class objectives (what the students will learn or hope to accomplish) and materials provided or required, cost for the class per student (which is sometimes underwritten by the Retreat at the Retreat's discretion), accomodations or equipment required (such as overhead projectors, video, boards, glass for cutting, tables, irons, etc.) and any class limitations as to number of participants.

We'd like to ask that all instructor proposals, please be sent to us by April 30, 2018.

The registration fees will be waved for all instructors.

If you are an international kite builder and would like to attend our event and/or teach a class at our event, we welcome you! E-mail us and we can send you an official invitation e-mail so that you can obtain a US Visa. Everyone is welcome!

Since you're coming to Junction, you may need some kite making plan ideas, right? Well, here is a link to the best kite making plans on the internet! Go take a look, http://www.kiteplans.org

2013 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Richard Robertson)

2011 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Richard Robertson)

2010 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Richard Robertson)

2009 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Richard Robertson)

2007 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Charles Crowley)

2006 Kitelife Report & photos!!! (Report & photos by Judy Kingery...Courtesy of kitelife E-zine)

1993 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Ugo)

1992 Junction Retreat photos!!! (Courtesy of Ugo)